Cherry G80-5000

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Cherry G80-5000
Cherry G80-5000.jpg
Model no. MX 5000
Part number G80-5000*
FCC ID GDDG80-5000
Branding Cherry
Manufacturer Cherry
Layouts Modified ISO, Modified ANSI
Keyswitches Cherry MX Brown, Cherry MX Super Black
Interface AT Compatible DIN
Weight 1.2kg[1]
Years of production 1994-1998
Introduced 1994
Discontinued 1998
Price £127 + VAT [2]

The Cherry G80-5000, also known as the Cherry ErgoPlus (and as the Cherry MX 5000 or simply the Cherry 5000), was the first and only ergonomic mechanical keyboard produced and designed by Cherry.


First introduced as early as 1994, it was the first keyboard to use Cherry MX Brown switches. Some owners have claimed the Cherry MX Brown switches used on the Cherry G80-5000 do not feel anything like the modern Cherry MX Brown switches that are featured on modern mechanical keyboards bearing Cherry MX mechanical switches.

According to Cherry, the Cherry G80-5000 was a test bed for experimentation with ergonomics. To paraphrase, "The key blocks must be arranged for both hands so that an ulnar deviation (i.e. an inflammation in the area of ​​metacarpophalangeal joints) is avoided due to a non-physiological hand position. The elevation, slope and curvature of the keyboard allows the hands to be held without additional tension."[3][4]

Cherry claims to have taken the ErgoPlus from the market in 1997. To paraphrase, "Already in 1994, Cherry G80-5000 a model with a broken layout meant low sales figures however, that model has already taken off the market three years later. According to some surveys and many industry experts believe reason for the low acceptance of these keyboards is the long settling time brings the unusual layout with it. Even 10 finger touch-typists take up to two months before they can use the keyboard easily. From the basis of this experience Cherry decided that the generally accepted standard layout is to improve in terms of ergonomic requirements and thus to make the work more enjoyable for the masses, instead of bringing an ergonomically optimised product on the market, only <1% (source : GfK) is used by the consumer."[5][6][7]. Though models made as late as 1998 have been sighted.

The G80-5000 was invented by Günter Murmann and Manfred Frank. [8] Murmann was CEO of Cherry Europe from 2003 until his retirement in 2011.

Cherry G80-5000 also has an accompanying numeric pad (part number: G80-5700) which is usually connected to the back of the G80-5000 via the spare PS/2 lookalike port. Sourcing a Cherry G80-5000 with the numeric pad is as hard as it is to source the numeric pad alone for the G80-5000. However it has been rumoured that it is possible to use Cherry G80-3700 numeric pad with one exception, reverse the connecting order. Normally the G80-5700 is connected to the back of the G80-5000 and from G80-5000 the cable goes to the computer. If one were to use G80-3700 with G80-5000 they must connect G80-5000 through G80-3700 and from G80-3700 connect to the computer.

Cherry G80-5000 suffered poor sales amongst the community in general at the time. The keyboard as of writing is somewhat a well sought after keyboard along with IBM M15 keyboard. Some have noted the price of the keyboard selling for more than what it was originally worth.[9][10][11][12]

Known variants

The G80-5000 exists in at least two variants, with and without Windows keys. A prototype variant, the V80-5000, with a different design and more solid case construction is known to exist and in the possession of a collector.

The latter Cherry G80-5000 variant (with Windows keys) is equipped with Cherry MX Super Black switches, used for the Windows keys and the context menu key. Cherry G80-5000 only came with double-shot ABS keycaps with two variants distinctly as marked within the part number:

  • Cherry G80-5000 HAAxx : This is the former variant of Cherry G80-5000 with all Cherry MX Brown switches. Notably based off V80-5000 in terms of the switches used as well as no Windows keys on the left side of the keyboard. It is named as the MF version.
  • Cherry G80-5000 HAMxx : This is the latter variant of Cherry G80-5000 with a mixture of Cherry MX Brown switches as well as Cherry MX Super Black switches. In lieu of F13-F17 function keys missing on the left side, it has been replaced with Windows (super) and context menu keys. It is named as Windows™ 95 version.

For the xx notations used above, refer to Cherry article numbers (Layout section) for the layout variations.


The G80-5000 was nicknamed Squid (오징어) by the Korean keyboard communities and is commonly referred to by this name.[13]



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