Cherry G80-9013

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Cherry G80-9013
G80-9013HAD 201.jpg
Model no. G80-9013
Branding Codis
Manufacturer Cherry
Layouts German only
Keyswitches Cherry MX
Switch mount PCB mount
Precedes Phoneboard+

The Cherry G80-9013 ("phoneboard") is a keyboard with an integrated telephone. It features full n-key rollover and was manufactured by Cherry for CODIS Computer GmbH in Ottobrunn, Germany.


The keyboard contains the whole telephone unit except for the handset or headset, for each of which a dedicated plug is situated on the left side of the keyboard case. Volume regulation is done using a small wheel situated at the rear of the keyboard housing (one for the headset, one for the built-in speaker).

Phoneboard plugs.JPG

The handset has a storage tray with no other function than storage (which means putting the handset back to the tray does not interrupt the communication, this has to be done by pressing a key of the keyboard).

Phoneboard handset and tray2.jpg

The speaker is situated above the telephone keys and the built-in microphone on the case front (beneath the Ctrl key).

Known variants

  • G80-9013 HAD (German layout, black switches)

How to disassemble

For the G80-9013 HAD, just loosen the 4 screws on the back side. Similar to IBM Model M (101 key), you need a narrow screw driver! Unless the original, a cross-point is sufficient.

Unlike later models, you need the screw driver not for clips!

G80-9013HAD 106.jpg


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