Cherry G81-1236

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Cherry G81-1236
Cherry G81-1236HBR front.jpg
Branding Goupil
Manufacturer Cherry
Features Industrial color scheme
Layouts UK ISO/Russian, others?
Keyswitches Cherry MY
Interface AT
Years of production ?
Price ?

The Cherry G81-1236 is a special version of the G81-1000 keyboard made by Cherry for Goupil.


This keyboard is notable for its "Industrial" color scheme, unique among Cherry keyboards, but possibly inspired by IBM's Industrial Model M. The case is a greenish black color. The keycaps are thick double shots which are darker than the standard Cherry white color, with a creamy tint. The Russian legends are pad-printed in a carrot red color, instead of the standard deep red. The keyboard uses MY switches with the old style M-shape sliders.


Known variants

Only two examples have ever been spotted, both having the UK ISO / Russian layout.

  • G81-1236HAR
  • G81-1236HBR
  • G81-1236HCR