Cherry G81-1800

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Cherry G81-1800
G81-1800 top.JPG
Manufacturer Cherry
Features Compact 19" keyboard
Layouts 101/102 key and 104/105 key in US, DE, and many more.
Keyswitches Cherry MY
Interface AT, PS/2 or USB
Weight 1.6–1.8 kg
Years of production 1990s/2000s
Price ~40–50€

The G81-1800 is a cheaper options to the famous G80-1800. They are known for using MX-compatible keycaps, which means that most people people buy these for their keycaps.

Of the regular production series, several variations exist, sharing the same G81-1800 model number. Earlier keyboards have 1.5 units keys (Alt/Control) without a gap in the bottom row and a regular 7 units space bar, while newer models come with Windows keys (1 units keys right of the 6 units space bar). The keycaps have been made in several types of plastics (double-shot ABS, Lasered PBT and POM) and in several colour variations. Contemporary keyboards are either completely light grey or black. All G81-1800 have MX Compatible keycaps, although all stabilized keys won't be usable, all of the others are.


Model number Branding Colour scheme Other features Codes known to exist
G81-1822[1] Unbranded Black Doubleshots HQMUS

Keycap sizes

All G81-1800 have MX compatible keycaps, some models can be seen with usable modifier keys and other with non-usable modifier keycaps.



  1. — G81-1822 (Korean)