Cherry G81-3000

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Cherry G81-3000
Branding Cherry and many others (see list of variations)
Manufacturer Cherry
Layouts 101-105 Keys US ANSI and many International variants
Keyswitches Cherry MY
Interface AT, PS/2, USB
Price $95 (1992)[1]

The Cherry G81-3000 is a series of PC-compatible Cherry MY keyboards made by Cherry. It shares the same case design as the Cherry MX switch G80-3000 and the rubber dome G83-3000, with which it can be easily mistaken.


Olivetti KBD 2812

The Olivetti KBD 2812 is notable for its blue keycap legends, and replica keycap sets have been created.

Cherry G81-3000 HKNNO

This is a Norwegian layout version from year 2000. It has double shot keycaps except for the bottom row keys (Control, Win, Alt, Alt Gr, Menu) which are printed.

Cherry G81-3000 SAD

Cherry G81-3000 SAU

Cherry G81-3000 SAY

This version was designed for the Yugoslav market and uses black MY switches and dye-sub keycaps with standard font. Layout is QWERTZ but not quite German. There are no Win keys.

Cherry G81-3000 SPG

As per code, S=PBT key caps (with dye-sub printing), P=PS/2 connector on curly lead, and G=UK English QWERTY ISO layout layout. Seen with F20 (May 1993) manufacturing code, so pre-Windows key. White (letter) and grey (modifier) keys in cream case.

Cherry G81-3000 LPCDE

Cherry G81-3000 LPNBE

This is a version for the Belgian market. It features MY switches with white sliders, and laser-etched PBT keycaps with hard-molded stabilizers. The layout is ISO AZERTY with Windows and Menu keys and standard font.

Cherry G81-3000 LPNDE

This is a version for the German market. It features MY switches, and laser-etched PBT keycaps with hard-molded stabilizers. The layout is ISO DE with Windows and Menu keys and standard font.

Cherry G81-3000 LPNRD

This version has white, type 3 MY switches. The layout and PBT keycaps are German, but also include Russian letters and special characters.

Cherry G81-3000 HAD

German Win-Keyless ISO Layout with doubleshot abs keycaps on type 3 MY switches. The bottom row has R5 profile. No proprietary stabilized keys like modern G81s.

Cherry G81-3430 HKNDE

NCR/Cherry G81-3077

Industrial grey top and white bottom case with an NCR logo

Schneider G81-3026 HAD

A model manufactured for Schneider with Black (vintage) MY switches and Cherry doubleshot keycaps.

Fan editions

The german Cherry distributor produced some fan editions of the G81-3000 with white on black doubleshot keycaps. The bottom row keycaps (control,alt,windows) are pad printed and have a off-center mount.

Known variants are[2]:

  • Michael Schumacher
  • HSV Hamburg
  • 1. FC Nürnberg
  • BVB Dortmund
  • Herzblatt (German TV-Show)
  • Moorhuhnjagd
  • Hertha BSC Berlin[3]

Other variations

Model number Branding Colour scheme Other features Codes known to exist
G81-3001[4] SAD
G81-3002[5] Dell Beige case HAD
G81-3004[6] Peacock HAD[7], LANCH[8]
G81-3006 unbranded[9] SCF[10], HCF[9], HCU
G81-3007[11][12] NCR Grey top (colour intermediate between G81-3077 and standard Cherry hellgrau) HAU[11], SAU[13]
G81-3009[14] ACS Data Systems / ASEM / unbranded SAD, SAU[15], SBD
G81-3015 AEG-Olympia[16] Caps unusual colour[16] Unusual profiles on bottom row HAR
G81-3020[17] Soft-Tronik Beige Bi-colour Cyrillic dyesubs SAV
G81-3054[18] Hellgrau Doubleshot dual-legend caps (both legends doubleshot) HAQ
G81-3061[19] Goupil Dark grey case (available in prism style) SBF[20], SAG
G81-3066[21] Unbranded Beige Prism-style case available SCU
G81-3079[7] SAD
G81-3081 Highscreen SAD[22], SAF[23], SAU[24], HAD[25], HBD[26]
G81-3087[27] unbranded HAD
G81-3090[28] Schneider Extended case with plastic window to hold function key indicators HFD[28], HAF[29], SAQ[30]
G81-3091[31] Computer Compass Extended case as 3090 SAD
G81-3099[32] Terra SAD
G81-3209[33] Bi-colour Cyrillic legends[34] SAR
G81-3219[35] Dark grey case Function key sticker
G81-3221[36][37] Schneider HAX, HAU
G81-3224[31] Lion SAD
G81-3246[38] Tulip Multi-coloured printed legends[39] HAF[38][39], HPNFR[40]
G81-3299[39] Multi-coloured printed legends HAF
G81-3410[41] Peacock Grey LPNDE
G81-3451 to 3455 Decorated cases HQNRG (3451 to 3453)
G81-3457[40] HUNDE
G81-3466[42] Silver case, black caps LPNRG
G81-3468[43][44] Vig-Keys XX layout: black case, black caps, white legends Large legends deeply engraved into blank doubleshot caps HUNXX, HUNXY
G81-3477[42] Silver case, black caps LRNxx
G81-3480[45] Cherry 39 relegendable keys (probably reprogrammable) LUNUS

Potential controller bug

G81-3000 has been found to be susceptible to the same potential controller bug as found in the G80-3000, where Linux and macOS misinterpret the USB HIB report issued when keystroke blocking occurs.

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