Cherry G81-3077

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NCR G81-3077
G81-3077 HAS -- Top view.JPG
Part number G81-3077
Branding NCR
Manufacturer Cherry
Layouts Standard ISO / 102 keys
Keyswitches Cherry MY Type 3
Price n/a


Rebranded Cherry G81-3000 keyboard by NCR. This keyboard is famous for its two colored case of industrial grey top and off-white bottom. It sports Cherry MY Type 3 switches, but most enthusiasts often replace the whole PCB with a PCB from a Cherry G80-3000 to make it use Cherry MX switches instead. The logo on the case is a protruding plastic logo that might be molded with the case as it is not removable.

It has either double-shot thick ABS or dye-sub keycaps in a more grey color on both alpha and modifier keys. The legends are not black but a dark grey. The bottom row is in A profile, contrary to more modern keyboard using B profile (the same as on the ZXCV row).


Known variants

  • G81-3077HAS (Danish layout)
  • G81-3077SAU (ANSI layout, dyesub key caps)
  • G81-3077/SAF (ISO French layout, dyesub key caps)
  • G81-3077/SAC (ISO Swiss layout, dyesub key caps)