Cherry G83-6000

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Cherry G83-6000
Cherry G83-6105LUNDE-2-08 -- top.jpg
Model no. RS 6000
Part number G80-60*, G80-61*
FCC ID GDDG83-6000 (1994)
Manufacturer Cherry
Layouts ISO ANSI
Keyswitches Cherry NTK
Interface PS/2, USB
Price ca. €15

Cherry G83-6000 is a series of PC-compatible rubber dome keyboards made by Cherry. These basic keyboards have a wholly standard ANSI or ISO layout.



Escom-branded US layout keyboard in light grey, with laser charred legends.


Cherry-branded German layout keyboard, with lasered legends and USB connector. The keycaps are made from POM (as noted on the inside of the mould) and use laser engraving with off-white infill material. The product details are part of the mould of the lower half of the case, but the specific information here is provided by placing a label over the top, presumably because the method of printing directly onto the plastic is ineffective with a black case.

An extra sheet of plastic is placed over the dome sheet, with cut-outs for the domes. Some cut-outs include two or more domes.


Here, the model details are printed onto the back of the case, with the static information moulded into the case.

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