Cherry G84-4400

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Cherry ML4400
Cherry G84-4400PPAGB-01.jpg
Model no. ML4400
Part number G84-4400*
FCC ID GDDG84-4400
Manufacturer Cherry
Product family Cherry G84 Series
Features Integrated numeric keypad with keypad lock
Layouts Modified ISO and ANSI
Keyswitches Cherry ML
Keycaps Pad-printed ABS
Interface PS/2
Power draw 28mW

The Cherry ML4400, better known by the G84-4400 article number prefix, is a family of Cherry ML keyboards with integrated two-button trackballs.


The cable terminates in two PS/2 plugs, one each for keyboard and mouse. The trackpad buttons hinge and the bottom, with the intention that they be pressed at the centre or the top.

The right-hand side of the alphanumeric area behaves as a numeric keypad with the function key held. Pressing Fn+F11 enters pad lock state; in this state, holding Fn will cause the keys to trigger their normal alphanumeric characters.

Some G84-4400 keyboards use a trackball module from Logitech (pictured); the alternative module is not visibly branded.[1] The Logitech module uses ZIPPY microswitches for the two buttons.

The keyboard is made in white and black versions. The key pitch is 18 mm.


The case is secured by nine screws; these are not too difficult to remove, but can be quite hard to re-insert.



A new-in-box UK ISO ML4400.


Switches and keycaps