Cherry G84-4700

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Cherry G84-4700
G84-4700 -- Top View.jpg
Model no. G84-4700
Manufacturer Cherry
Product family Cherry G84 Series
Keyswitches Cherry ML

G84-4700 is a numeric keypad from Cherry's G84 series of ML keyboards. The keypad features a PS/2 port on the back to circumvent the problem of having two keyboards and only one PS/2 connector in the computer.

The keypad almost exclusively comes with pad printed keycaps. The relegendable keys can be configured in the software Cherry provides, by default these are mapped to the legends written on them. The relegendable key caps cover the whole keycap as opposed to higher profiled keycaps, like those found on Cherry MX keyboards.

The PS/2 version of the Cherry G84-4700 is fully hardware programmable, in the same way the Cherry G80-3700 is.


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