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Cherry G82-27000DE -- top.jpg
Model no. G270
Part number G82-27000*
Branding Cherry
Manufacturer Primax Electronics
Product family Cherry G82 series
Features Media keys
Layouts Modified ISO
Keyswitches Cherry LPK
Interface USB
Rollover 2KRO
Dimensions 46.0 × 15.7 × 2.6 cm
Weight 574 g
Price ca. €10

Cherry INITIAL is a series of low-cost rubber dome keyboards from Cherry. In black models, the case around the alphanumeric cluster is gloss finish, while the rest of the shell is matte finish. There are four media keys at the top eight, with green legends: play/pause, volume down ("−"), mute, and volume up ("+"). The top row keys are reduced in depth, and the gaps between the function keys are removed to allow for a 13th key, which is labelled with a calculator symbol. The indicator lights are in front of the space bar, above the Cherry logo.

The box depicted below appears to give a model of "G82-27000", while the keyboard itself is labelled "G270".

The controller PCB was made by Dong Guan New Energy Printed Circuit Board Co., Ltd. (UL File Number E206420) and is branded "NEW ENERGY", while the keyboard as a whole was manufactured by Primax (E134780, found on the rear label). The PCB part number is 654000011410, which follows the format found in the the Primax-made Dell KB1421 and Dell KB212 keyboards.



Cherry INITIAL Corded MultiMedia Keyboard, in German ISO layout in black. The controller PCB seems to be dated 0833 (2008 week 33) which is strange as this keyboard was documented in an online magazine in 2014.

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