Cherry KC 1000

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Cherry KC 1000
Cherry KC 1000 -- top.jpg
Model no. JG-08
Part number JK-0800*
Branding Cherry
Manufacturer Cherry
Features Media keys
Layouts ISO, ANSI
Keyswitches Cherry LPK
Interface USB
Rollover 2KRO
Dimensions 458 × 170 × 21 mm
Weight 498 g
Price ca. €10 (2014)

KC 1000 (keyboard, corded) is a low-cost rubber dome over membrane keyboard from Cherry.


The keyboard features four media keys: calculator, e-mail, home page and sleep. These are placed above the numeric keypad, and the indicator lights—which are blue in colour—are relocated to the top centre.

The keyboard uses discrete rubber domes that appear to be glued to the top membrane. Most of the domes are translucent pale green, but two of the domes are opaque black. Space bar uses a black dome, suggesting that the black domes are a heavier weight. The other black key is under the enter key, which has two domes, one black and one green. The black dome is common to both enter key orientations and the green domes appear to support whichever key is adjacent. If the enter key is vertical (for ISO) then the key to its lower left will use a green dome, and if the enter key is horizontal (for ANSI) then backslash above will use the other green dome. Presumably the enter key only presses down on the black dome, otherwise it would be weighted at over twice that of the other keys.

The UL File Number on the rear label belongs to Cherry.

The flip-out feet are not rubber coated.


Layout Colour Article number
Belgium, ISO Pale grey JK-0800BE-0
Black JK-0800BE-2
Switzerland, ISO Pale grey JK-0800CH-0
Black JK-0800CH-2
Germany, ISO Pale grey JK-0800DE-0
Black JK-0800DE-2
Spain, ISO Pale grey JK-0800ES-0
Black JK-0800ES-2
US English with Euro symbol, ANSI Pale grey JK-0800EU-0
Black JK-0800EU-2
France, ISO Pale grey JK-0800FR-0
Black JK-0800FR-2
UK, ISO Pale grey JK-0800GB-0
Black JK-0800GB-2
Italy, ISO Pale grey JK-0800IT-0
Black JK-0800IT-2
US English/Korean, ANSI Black JK-0800KR-2
Pan-Nordic, ISO Pale grey JK-0800PN-0
Black JK-0800PN-2



German ISO, black. The controller PCB is dated 1331 (week 31, 2013) and bears UL File Number E210448, for Jiaxin Printed Circuit Board Mfr.

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