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Cherry M11
Cherry M11.jpg
Manufacturer Cherry
Product code M11-0101
Introduced 1979? ≤ x ≤ 1984?
Discontinued Yes
Supersedes Cherry M10?
Switch type Linear
Sense method Metal leaf
Actuation force ?
Peak force ?
Keycap mount ?
Switch mount Plate mount

Cherry M11 is a family of linear switches manufactured by Cherry. This switch has only been found on the HP 4953A protocol analyzer keyboard[1]. The heat sealing used to attach the shell to the base is very weak and is prone to tearing off when pulling a keycap. This is likely the reason the switch is so rare, because when the heat seal fails the switch falls apart.

The M11-0101 schematic[2] indicates that the initial switch design was completed late 1979. Modifications were done in 1980 and was marked complete in 1981. The HP 4953A keyboard was introduced sometime 1984[3]. The switch does not appear in the 1982 Keyboards and Switches catalogue.[4]

The M11 switch used different slider colours to represent weightings. Black for (TODO weight) and white for (TODO weight).

The switch's identity is not proven. The M11-0101 schematic does not cite the family name, and based on other Cherry switch part numbers it stands to reason that "M11" means "M1, subtype 1". However, based on the dates found on the schematic, and the clear similarity to Cherry M8 and M9, which were not listed in the 1973 and 1974 catalogues, it could be considered reasonable to assume that "M11" does in fact mean "M-eleven". The confirmed switch types introduced after M9, are MX, MY, and ML, which sidestep the issue of dealing with two digit series numbers.




The switch consists of 6 parts:





Keycap mounts




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