Cherry MC 4000

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Cherry MC 4000
Cherry MC 4000 -- top, angled.jpg
Model number JM-40
Part number JM-4000
Branding Cherry
Manufacturer Cherry
Buttons 5+1
Handedness Ambidextrous
DPI 1000/2000
Features DPI switching
Interfaces USB
Wireless? No
Sensor Optical
Dimensions 116 × 64.5 × 34.5 mm
Weight 130 g
Price £16–19 (RRP £30)

MC 4000 (mouse, corded) is a budget gamer-orientated mouse from Cherry.


MC 4000 is a slim, ambidextrous mouse with five regular buttons. The left and right buttons are formed from the flexible upper surface. The fourth and fifth buttons—one on each side—are flush with the surface of the mouse. Combined with the narrow waist, you cannot squeeze the button on the far side from your thumb, and instead, a finger (likely your middle finger) has to be arched so as to press it.

In the example depicted below, the scroll wheel has a smooth, quiet action with subtle detent positions. Coupled with a comparatively stiff microswitch under the wheel, middle clicks are somewhat awkward.

The mouse is on the smaller side. While stated as 64.5 mm wide, the centres of the side buttons are less than 50 mm apart, as the mouse has a narrow waist.

Motion detection is 60 inches per second. It has two DPI settings, 1000 and 2000. DPI is selected using a sixth button, placed just in front of the scroll wheel. The colour of illumination indicates the DPI setting in force, with blue light for to 1000 DPI and red light for 2000 DPI. Although the blue is overexposed in the photo below, the blue glow is subdued and not a source of glare. There are numerous light apertures: front and rear light strips on each side, the DPI button itself, and the sides of the wheel. The holes from which the wheel and DPI buttons protrude also show light when seen from above, and this appears to be where the light that shines out of the wheel comes from, and the LED visible inside may be the sole source of light. No light shines directly out of the sensor, but the DPI illumination is also visible from below, as is (in 1000 DPI mode with blue illumination) a red LED somewhere inside.

The upper surface has a fine matte texture, with a gloss strip running down the centre. The sides are gloss black, although this does not reach all the way to the back. Rather than feet, it has a series of three low-friction pads that run around the perimeter of the base, to provide smooth motion.

For reliability, Cherry cite 150,000 cycles for the scroll wheel, and 10 million mouse clicks.


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