Cherry MX Linear Grey

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Cherry MX Linear Grey
Cherry MX Linear Grey.jpg
Manufacturer Cherry
Family Cherry MX
Product code MX1A-21xx
Introduced 1980s
Switch type Linear
Sense method Metal leaf
Actuation force 80 cN

Cherry MX Linear Grey, also known as Cherry MX Dark Grey, is a stiff, linear switch in the Cherry MX family. This switch is used for space bars in keyboards with Cherry MX Black switches. The stem is a marginally darker shade of grey than the tactile Cherry MX Tactile Grey, hence its former name.

In Cherry sales brochures and data sheets, the color is given as grey37.

Keyboard enthusiasts, who think blacks are not stiff enough, use them for entire keyboards.


Cherry MX Linear Grey has been historically referred to as Cherry MX Dark Grey. However, the switch has also been found with a paler-coloured slider with a warm tone, and the differences in shade between the various grey switches (differing by one percentage point of grey, if the catalogue is correctly understood) are not obvious enough to warrant terms describing them by colour. Cherry produced one each of a linear, clicky and tactile space bar switch in subtly differing shades of grey.


Introduced in 198?. Most presumably at the same time as the Cherry MX Black.


Linear, stiff.


  • As of 2012, these switches are available directly from the manufacturer and some suppliers.


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