Cherry MX RGB Nature White

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Cherry MX RGB Nature White
Cherry MX RGB Nature White -- infobox.jpg
Manufacturer Cherry
Family Cherry MX
Product code MX1A-41NA
Introduced 2016
Switch type Linear
Sense method Metal leaf
Actuation force 55 cN
Peak force 65 cN

The Cherry MX RGB Nature White keyboard switch was developed for better distribution of light on backlit keys. It was announced in October 2015 by Ducky as "Cherry MX Linear RGB White" for their forthcoming Ducky Shine 5 keyboard with RGB backlighting

The slider is translucent white, but unlike the Cherry MX Clear (and like non-tactile versions of clear Gateron switches) it has linear feel. The top half of the housing is clear plastic while the bottom half of the housing is translucent white. A surface-mounted (RGB) LED is supposed to be installed underneath the switch and shine through it.

It exists only in one variation: without fixing pins, jumper or diode.