Cherry MX Silent RGB Red

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Cherry MX Silent RGB Red
Cherry MX Silent RGB Red.jpg
Manufacturer Cherry
Family Cherry MX
Product code MX3A-L1NA/L1NB
Introduced 2015
Switch type Linear
Sense method Metal leaf
Actuation force 45 cN
Pretravel 1.9 mm ±0.6 mm
Total travel 3.7 -0.4 mm

Cherry MX Silent RGB Red switch is the result of Cherry's partnership with Corsair as part of a project to support RGB (full spectrum) keyboard backlighting, as well as to make a quieter switch. Cherry have now adopted the community switch naming scheme, and have selected the aforementioned despite the slider being distinctly pink. The terms "red" and "black" (for Cherry MX Silent RGB Black, which is dark grey) relate the silent models to the non-silent models (both RGB and non-RGB), which are indeed red and black.

It is a clear case switch which is intended to be used with PCB-surface-mounted LEDs.

This switch is available in two variants:

  • MX3A-L1NA without pin
  • MX3A-L1NB with pin

There is also a non-RGB variant in a normal black housing, which does not include a hole for an SMT LED, instead with the option for a diode or a 3 mm in-switch LED.