Cherry MX Super Black

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Cherry MX Super Black
Cherry MX Black Illustration
Manufacturer Cherry
Family Cherry MX
Discontinued 2012
Switch type Linear
Sense method Metal leaf
Actuation force > 150 cN

The Cherry MX Super Black switch is an extra stiff, linear, non-clicky mechanical keyboard switch in the Cherry MX family.


There does not appear to be a space in the Cherry MX part number schema for Super Black. Instead, it is more likely to have a "G" code (i.e. in the series MX1A-_G__, a custom part assigned to Germany). The closest "G" type found to date is MX1A-1GBR, which is an MX Black derivative with a 179 cN spring according to Cherry's records.


The following keyboards have this switch at the keys listed:

Key feel

The Cherry MX Super Black switch is a stiffer variant of the Cherry MX Black switch that uses a spring which requires over 150 cN to make the switch activate, instead of 60 cN for the normal MX Black spring.

It is speculated that the design is aimed at avoiding accidental key presses:

  • The two Super Blacks in the G80-1600 are located between Alt and Control. They are not needed in regular typing, but to switch the laser scanner on and to program the scanner.
  • In the G80-2100, the Cherry and Layer keys are located close to the cursor keys and are used to switch to programming mode and between layers. The Print key, the 3rd key with a Super Black on this keyboard, is located next to Scroll Lock and Pause in the row above the cluster with Page Up/Page Down. It seems evident that the Print key was equipped with the Super Black to avoid pressing it by accident, which might cause a print out of whatever is edited or viewed.


As of 2012, this switch is out of production.[Citation needed]