Cherry MX Tactile Grey

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Cherry MX Tactile Grey
Cherry MX Tactile Grey.jpg
Manufacturer Cherry
Family Cherry MX
Product code MX1A-D1xx
Introduced 1980s
Switch type Tactile
Sense method Metal leaf
Actuation force 80 cN

Cherry MX Tactile Grey or simply Cherry MX Grey, is a stiff, tactile switch in the Cherry MX family. This switch is used for space bars in keyboards with Cherry MX Clear switches. The shade of grey is slightly paler than that of the Cherry MX Linear Grey, formerly known as "MX Dark Grey".

In Cherry sales brochures and data sheets, the color is given as "grey 39".


Cherry MX Grey has historically been referred to as "Cherry MX Grey". However, it has since come to light that Cherry made three separate grey switches—one each of linear, tactile and clicky—intended for use on space bars. These switches have now been renamed according to this new knowledge.


Introduced in 198?. Most presumably at the same time as the Cherry MX Clear.


Tactile, stiff.

Keyboard gurus say that older switches feel more smooth than newer ones.


Tactile Grey switches are widely available as parts or assembled in hundreds of keyboards. Being the preferred switch for space bars of most POS and industrial keyboard manufacturers, it is widely available in all variants.

As of 2012, at least the MX1A-D1NN version is available directly from the manufacturer and some suppliers.

Product numbers

  • MX1A-D1NN no diode, plate mount
  • MX1A-D1DN with diode, plate mount
  • MX1A-D1NW no diode, PCB mount
  • MX1A-D1DW with diode, PCB mount


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