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Cherry SX
Cherry SX force graph.svg
Manufacturer Cherry
Switch type Tactile
Rated lifetime 20 M
Tactile force ca. 63 cN
Actuation force ca. 45 cN
Pretravel ca. 1.7 mm
Total travel 2.5 mm

Cherry SX is a scissor switch type, used by Cherry G85 series keyboards.

The full specifications are not available, but travel is confirmed to be 2.5 mm.[1] In the 2006/7 catalogue, the lifetime was given as 10 million for standard keys, and 1 million for special keys. Presently the lifetime is given as 20 M.[2] Cherry's force curve gives a tactile force just under 65 cN, pretravel just under 1.8 mm, and full travel of around 2.4 mm.

The Cherry eVolution STREAM XT was manufactured by Sunrex Technology, who claim to be the world's largest manufacturer of notebook keyboards; this was determined from the UL File Number written on the back of the STREAM XT. Whether other SX keyboards were sourced from Sunrex is not known; examination of further SX models is needed.



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