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A Cherry keyboard's date code tells the date when the keyboard had been assembled. Individual parts of the keyboard could have been manufactured months before final assembly.


There are two types of date codes:

  • A letter indicating the year (see table below) and two digits indication the production week.
  • Six digits followed by a letter. The first three digits tell the day of the year, the last digits tell the year after 2000. The letter tells which shift it was ('A', 'B' or 'C').[1]

Where to find

It is found as the last part of the keyboard's serial number on the label on the keyboard's underside. This is often printed right under the keyboard's article number. There may or may not be a space between the main part of the serial number and the date code.

It can also often be found on the keyboard's box on a separate sticker that also carries the article number.

Date codes

A date code consists of a letter in [A-Z] (see table below) indicating the production year and 2 digits indicating the production week.

code year     code year     code year     code year     code year
A 1988 G 1994 M 2000 S 2006 Y 2012
B 1989 H 1995 N 2001 T 2007 Z 2013
C 1990 I 1996 O 2002 U 2008 A 2014[2]
D 1991 J 1997 P 2003 V 2009 B 2015
E 1992 K 1998 Q 2004 W 2010 C 2016
F 1993 L 1999 R 2005 X 2011 D 2017

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