Cherry matrix keyboard

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Cherry matrix keyboard
Patents US3819882 (1973)

Cherry matrix keyboard is a switch-keyboard combination. It takes the form of what appears to be a plastic moulding supporting 20 keys, in four rows, grouped into a block of three columns and a block of two columns. Each position can be fitted with gold crosspoint metal leaf contacts. The Cherry US C-73 catalogue cites an initial force of 20 g, 175 g final force, and actuation of 0.075 inches (1.9 mm). The catalogue does not cite any over-travel distance, so whether the figure given is pre-travel or full travel is not known.

Solder tags on the rows and columns are used to wire up the keyboard. The keycaps supplied are double-shot moulded. It's not clear from the catalogue what keycap mount is used, but it may be rectangular post.

It is not a stock product; Cherry intend for customers to specify how many "key stations" (keys) are to be used and what legends they are to have. It falls half-way between a switch and a keyboard.