Chester Creek MyBoard

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Chester Creek MyBoard
Chester Creek MyBoard -- top.jpg
Manufacturer Tai-Hao, …
Keyswitches Tai-Hao APC series, rubber dome over membrane?
Interface PS/2, USB
Dimensions 483 × 178 × 38 mm
Price $55.00 (2017)

MyBoard is a line of children's keyboards from Chester Creek.


MyBoard keyboards all feature large 1″ (2.54 cm) square keys in a matrix layout. The keys are colour-coded as follows:

  • Green for consonants
  • Purple for vowels
  • Red for numbers
  • Yellow for symbols
  • Blue for space and non-character keys



The original MyBoard was commissioned from Tai-Hao as an exclusive, fully custom product. It is unbranded, but the serial number label puts it under the Clicker brand, and gives a date of March 2002 for the example in question. The main label gives it as model "F21KID" with an additional code of "MB-01-01". The case is cream-coloured, while later models have black cases. The switches are white Tai-Hao APC series.

The MyBoard was included in the Chester Creek KCSS-O Kid's Complete Starter Set, which also featured an 800 dpi optical mouse with scroll wheel and educational software titles.[1] This was still listed at a reduced price ($52.95, down from $69.95) on the Chester Creek website up to 2008.[2]

The original MyBoard is no longer in production.


MyBoard-UC (now written myBoard-UC) introduced a black case, and this model is assumed to have standard rubber dome over membrane switches. The "UC" denotes standard uppercase legends for the alphabetic keys. In a promotional video from 2011, these were PS/2,[3] but presently (2017) they are sold as USB with a PS/2 adapter.[4]


MyBoard-lc (now written myBoard-lc) complements the uppercase MyBoard-UC with the alternative option of lowercase alphabetic keys, such that the output from unshifted keystrokes matches what is printed on the keycaps.[5][3]


KinderBoard is virtually identical to the black MyBoard models; it adds small oval-shaped function keys in the space between the number keys and the edge of the case (the case is not enlarged to make room for them) and provides downstream USB 2.0 ports.[6][3]