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Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd.
Industry Computer hardware
Founded 1983
Headquarters Taipei, Taiwan
Key people Chairman: Hsu Kun-tai
General Manager: Lin Mao-kuei
Products Desktop keyboards, mobile keyboards, digital cameras, personal-computer cameras and digital video cameras
FCC grantee code E8H
UL File Number E164844

Chicony Electronics Co. Ltd. (chi-KOH-nee) is a Taiwan-based multinational electronics manufacturer. The brand is Yakumo in Germany.

Over the past three decades, Chicony have produced a vast number of keyboards with a wide variety of switches including many mechanical switches. Chicony are also known for their KU-0418 keyboard, which is rebranded and sold as the Saitek Cyborg V5.


Chicony offer both pad printing and silkscreen printing for keycaps. Pad printing appears to be preferred due to its faster set-up and easier maintenance than silkscreen printing; as both are coated with a UV protective layer, wear resistance of both is expected to be similar. The method chosen depends on the design of the keyboard and keycaps.[1]


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