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Chicony KB-5160
Chicony KB-5160C -- top.jpg
FCC ID E8H5IKKB-5160 / E8H5IKKB-5160AT
Manufacturer Chicony
Layouts F AT
Keyswitches Omron B3G-S series, Alps SKCL Green, Alps SKCM Blue, Cherry MX Blue, Futaba clicky switch, Mitsumi miniature mechanical
Interface XT/AT switchable
Precedes Chicony KB-5161

Chicony KB-5160 is a series of keyboards from Chicony, styled after the IBM Model F AT.


The case is shallower front-to-back than the Model F, but the layout is identical.

The KB-5160 was followed by the Chicony KB-5161, which took on the overall IBM Model M key layout, but retained the single-unit backspace key and big-ass enter key of the Model F and 5160.

While this keyboard is typically referred to as the "5160", the PCB[1] and plate both describe the product as the "KB-5160".


Amber Omron B3G-S series[2] and non-stepped keycaps;[3] the third LED functions as power under the XT protocol and scroll lock under AT.[4]
Alps SKCM Blue;[1] Alt and caps lock are both stepped as with the Model F, but the control key is not. The third LED is only labelled "scroll lock". Dimensions 460 × 185 × 39 mm, weight 1250 g. FCC ID ends in -5160AT.
Unknown, Alps SKCL Green
Green Alps with empty LED cutouts[5]
Unknown, Cherry MX Blue
Cited as observed by Sixty[6]
Unknown, Futaba clicky switch
Negative-mount (not Cherry MX compatible) Futaba clicky switch. FCC ID ends in -5160AT.[7]
Unknown, Mitsumi miniature mechanical - yellow
Outwardly indistinguishable from KB-5160C as described above. FCC ID ends in -5160. [8]




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