Chicony KB-5181

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Chicony KB-5181
Chicony KB-5182
KB-5181 - Front.jpg
Manufacturer Chicony
Layouts 101/102-key Asian 101
Keyswitches Alps SKCM Blue
Alps SKCM White
SMK Alps mount (Monterey Blue)
Omron B3G-S series (Amber)
Futaba MA series (MX Mount)
Cherry MX Black
Cherry MX Blue
Interface XT/AT switchable
Introduced 1988 (FCC registration)
Price $49.99 (1992)[1]

The Chicony KB-5181 is an XT/AT switchable keyboard from Chicony. It features a big-ass Enter key and single-unit backspace. There is also an ISO version, the KB-5182. Both keyboards were supplied with a wide variety of switches, including Monterey. Two-height flip-out feet are provided.


The official list of switch manufacturers according to Chicony, in order of production, is as follows:

Aristotle were the manufacturer of the Cherry MX clone switches found in these keyboards.

Possibly due to manufacturing crossover between the Chicony KB-5161 and its successor, the KB-5181, Futaba switches were still in use in the KB-5181, although Chicony have no record of this being the case. KB-5161 and KB-5181 keyboards appeared to have compatible parts.[2]

Specific switches confirmed found in KB-5181 and KB-5182 keyboards:


Variants identified to date:

Cherry MX Blue switches in a PCB taken from Chicony KB-5161; this is cited as being 484 × 205 × 44 mm and weighing 1532 g[2]
White Cherry MX mount Futaba clicky switch (from plate)[4]
Blue SMK Alps mount "Monterey" switch ("SMK SW", 1990 PCB)[6]
Alps SKCM White (from rear label)[7]


The KB-5181/2 was re-branded under several other marques, including Hyundai[7], ARC[2] (American Research Corporation), and SIIG (as both the SIIG Suntouch 101 or "K101" (model K101)[8] and as the SIIG SuperTouch[9] (model JK-WJ0032[10])). The SIIG Suntouch 101 is one of the keyboards with the distorted Alps logo and hand-carved mould numbering.[8]


Cherry MX Blue switches

SMK "Monterey" Blue Alps-mount switches

SMK "Monterey" Blue Alps-mount switches, UK layout

Alps SKCM White switches