Chicony KB-5191

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Chicony KB-5191
Chicony KB-5192
Manufacturer Chicony
Layouts 101-key ANSI, 102-key ISO
Keyswitches Various
Switch mount Plate mount, PCB mount
Interface AT keyboard interface
Introduced 1988 (FCC registration)

The Chicony KB-5191 is a mechanical keyboard from Chicony. There is also an ISO version, the KB-5192.


Chicony KB-5191 and KB-5192 keyboards were not only supplied with a wide variety of switches, they were also supplied in both plate mount and PCB mount arrangements.


Specific switches confirmed found in KB-5191 and KB-5192 keyboards:


As with the Chicony KB-5182, Chicony registered an FCC ID for the ISO KB-5192: E8H5IKKB-5192. However, the labels printed on keyboards appear to always bear the ANSI layout model number's FCC ID.