Chicony KB-5581

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Chicony KB-5581
Chicony KB-5582
Chicony KB-5581.jpeg
FCC ID E8H51KKB-5581
Manufacturer Chicony
Keyswitches Cherry MX Blue
Interface AT (keyboard)
Serial (mouse)
Precedes Chicony KB-5591
Price $79.95 (1992)[1]

The Chicony KB-5581 is an AT keyboard from Chicony with an integrated trackball. The ISO version is numbered KB-5582.

The single cable splits out to AT and serial connectors for the keyboard and trackball respectively.[2]

The base layout resembles a vintage XT keyboard, with the numeric keypad directly adjacent to the alphanumeric area. To its right is the trackball. The cursor keys are placed above the numeric keypad, and the remaining navigation keys are above the main alphanumeric area, with the function keys grouped into two rows to make room. There are three mouse buttons at the front-left of the case.


Chicony are infamous for having routinely changed the switches in their mechanical boards. So far, this board has only been seen with Cherry MX Blue switches.


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