Clare-Pendar Series S820

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Clare-Pendar Series S820
Manufacturer Clare-Pendar
Switch type Linear
Sense method Reed
Switch mount Plate mount

Clare-Pendar Series S820 is a tall reed switch keyboard switch series from Clare-Pendar. The European counterpart is Clare/Pendar high profile reed, but the North American and European series have different designs.

These switches have been found with Clare-Pendar branding. The top of the switch has two screw holes to allow it to be secured into a mounting plate; retention clips are not used. Recesses in the body of the switch appear to leave room for the screw shafts.



The following modification codes have been found; these are appended to the part numbers.

Mod. Description
E8 S820 longer terminal length (.040″). Accepts Amp 'termipoint' connector.
E9 11° angle plunger on S820, S830, S840, S860 or S830 11° angle adapter.
H8 S820 with diode.
J7 Lighted top-loaded S820.
L1 Tinned lead