Clare-Pendar Series S830

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Clare-Pendar Series S830
Clare-Pendar S830 desoldered.jpg
Manufacturer Clare-Pendar
Switch type Linear
Sense method Reed
Switch mount Fixing screw

Clare-Pendar S830 is a series of tall, cylindrical-body reed switches made by Clare-Pendar.


No written details of S830 are currently known to have survived. Switches found to date—including those sold by STRONIC in France—have an open-top cylindrical slider, into which adapters are fitted to provide a keycap mount of the customer's choice. There is a suggestion in the wording of the E9 modification that some switches were used without an adapter but the specifics of this are not clear.

The switches are screw mount, affixing to the PCB with a bolt. The switches found so far have Clare-Pendar moulded into the shell.

Known modifications

The following modification codes have been found. It is not clear whether they all apply directly to S830 series part numbers, as the S830 catalogue page itself is lost.

Mod. Description
B6 S830 adapter accepts octagon base keytop (.448″ across flats)
B7 S830 adapter accepts rectangular base keytop (.448″ × .70″).
B8 S830 adapter accepts "spade type" slotted base keytop (.052″ × .192″).
B9 S830 adapter accepts all C-P cross (+) type slotted keytops.
E9 11° angle plunger on S820, S830, S840, S860 or S830 11° angle adapter.
F5 Nylon hex nut for stud mounting of S830.
F6 S830 without mounting stud.

Other devices

S830 series has yet to be found in a keyboard. It has however been sighted in the following equipment:

  • Monroe 1880 programmable advanced scientific calculator (unconfirmed), ca. 1972[1]