Clare-Pendar Series S880

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Clare-Pendar Series S880 comprises the short reed keyboard switches from Clare-Pendar. The European counterpart is Clare/Pendar low profile reed.

These highly rare switches have only been found unbranded.

S880 denotes momentary, and S881 denotes alternate action. Based on non-keyboard series, S881 is non-latching alternate action, and S882 would be latching alternate action. S882 is not listed on the catalogue page below, but it has been found in a keyboard.


Series S880 is a compact reed switch. The reed capsule is arranged vertically, and orientated diagonally to reduce switch profile. (The profile can be reduced further by placing the reed module horizontally, such as with FR Electronics RSM 82-1A.) Where the magnet would normally be held by the slider, here it is simply placed on top of the return spring, and the slider surrounds it. After opening the switch and removing the slider, the magnet remains on the spring, secured by magnetic attraction to the spring.

In the case of S88010 E9, a rubber mat is placed inside the switch, on top of which the return spring is placed. This mat provides downstroke damping. The mat seems not to be present in the S88210 switch found in the Harris EKA-8970 keyboard.

As with other Clare/Pendar switches, arrows on the top of the switch point towards the terminals.


The following modification codes have been found; these are appended to the part numbers.

Mod. Description
E9 11° keystem
J7 Illuminated



S88010 E9

The precise part number of this unbranded switch is not known, but the characteristics would give a part number of S88010 E9.



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