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Clare/Pendar high profile reed
Manufacturer Clare Belgium, Pendar (France), CEDI, ESM
Product code SF/SG/SI/SK/SHnnnn
Switch type Linear; momentary, alternate action; illuminated; SPST, DPST
Sense method Reed
Rated lifetime 50M (momentary)
1M (alternate action)
Bounce time 500 µs
Actuation force Various
Pretravel 0.8 mm (SF, SI, SH)
2.1 mm (SG, SK)
Total travel 5 mm (SF, SI, SH)
5.5 mm (SG, SK)
Keycap mount Clare-Pendar mount
Switch mount Plate mount
Patents US4642433 (1985)

The Clare/Pendar high profile reed series comprises the tall reed keyboard switches from Clare and Pendar. The North American counterpart was Clare-Pendar Series S820, which is a different design.


The momentary types are cited as having 1.9 mm pretravel, 0.8 mm overtravel and a 1.0 mm release point. (For the alternate action types, these figures are 2.1 mm, 1.5 mm and 1.2 mm respectively.) This would suggest that the switches have hysteresis. The 2.3 mm discrepancy between the pretravel and overtravel regions is likely the switching region, in which the resistance is inversely proportional to travel.

The series was discontinued in 2012 or earlier; the exact year is not known for certain, but it is likely to be between 2008 and 2012.[1]

Product range

The product range was divided into five sub-series:

Momentary (the only version to support DPST)
Alternate action
Momentary illuminated
As SI, but without the lamp terminals: it allows illuminated keycaps to be used with a non-illuminated switch
Alternate action illuminated

These families were branded either Clare/C. P. Clare (with some marked as being made in Belgium)[2], or Pendar (made in France, as shown on the ESM website). No explanation exists for why both companies were making the parts separately.

UK distributor Visualux report that the high profile series went out of production in 2012;[3] whether this also applies to S820 series is not known.

Part numbers

Part numbers follow the format:

Switch sub-series; F = momentary, G = alternate action, I = momentary illuminated, H = momentary for illuminated keytop, K = alternate action illuminated, IX = unknown
Terminals and keystem
  • 1 = Sloped (upright keystem); 5 mm terminals
  • 3 = Stepped (angled keystem); 5 mm terminals
  • 5 = Sloped; 3.5 mm terminals
  • 6 = Stepped; 3.5 mm terminals
Primary contacts; 0 = No contacts, 1 = form A (SPST NO), 5 = form A with diode
Secondary contacts (DPST, SF series only); 0 = No contacts, 1 = form A (SPST NO), 5 = form A with diode, L = unknown
Operating force (weight); 0 = Fixed slider, 1 = 50 gf, 2 = 80 gf, 3 = 130 gf, 4 = 200 gf, 5 = extra heavy


None found to date.



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