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Manufacturer Gateron
Family Gateron KS-3 series
Product name Zealio
Introduced August 2015
Switch type Tactile; linear
Sense method Metal leaf
Rated lifetime 50 M
Keycap mount Cherry MX mount
Switch mount PCB mount, PCB mount
Website zealpc.net/collections/switches/products/zealio

The Zealio switch series are boutique key switches produced for Zeal PC. They are clones of Cherry MX switches produced by Gateron. It includes tactile variants akin to Cherry MX Ergo Clear, and a linear switch similar to the Cherry MX Black.


The switches are manufactured exclusively for Zeal PC by Gateron, based on their KS-3 series. Unlike Gateron's regular switches, switches have been available with fully transparent housings, and the springs are gold-plated. The transparency is supposed to help with backlighting and the gold-plating makes the springs resistant to corrosion which supposedly reduces friction when the keys are pressed.

Purple Zealio

The tactile variant's purple stem is less tight on keycaps than the Cherry MX Clear. The feel is reported to be smoother - even smoother than lubricated Ergo Clears. [1]

The top housing still carries the Gateron logo. The bottom mould and the tactile purple slider were custom made for Zeal PC.

There have been reports of the clear bottom melting more easily from the heat of a soldering iron than other switches. Zeal PC therefore now offers the purple switch also in a 65g variant with a milky bottom like regular Gaterons.


Stem colour Depicted Type Bottom-out weight Bottom Mount
Zealio Purple R6 62 g.jpg Lavender Round 6 Tactile 62 g Transparent PCB
Zealio Purple R6 65 g.jpg Violet Round 6 Tactile 65 g Transparent PCB
Zealio Purple R6 65 g translucent PCB.jpg Translucent PCB
Zealio Purple R6 65 g translucent plate.jpg Plate
Zealio Purple R6 67 g.jpg Deep violet Round 6 Tactile 67 g Transparent PCB
Zealio Purple R6 78 g.jpg Deeper violet Round 6 Tactile 78 g Transparent PCB
No photograph.svg Translucent Linear 62 g Transparent PCB
No photograph.svg 65 g
No photograph.svg 67 g
Name Stem colour Type Bottom-out weight Bottom Mount
Zilents No photograph.svg Light blue Tactile dampened 62g Transparent PCB
No photograph.svg Medium/light blue 65g
No photograph.svg Medium/Dark blue 67g
No photograph.svg Dark blue 78g
Tealios No photograph.svg Teal Linear 67g Transparent PCB
Healios No photograph.svg Orange Linear dampened 67g Transparent PCB

Purple Zealios modified with heavier springs for use in the space bar or enter positions are called Deep Purples.

Revision History

Version 1

  • Round 1: Introduced 62g, 65g, and 67g Linear (translucent stem) and Tactile (purple stem) switches
  • Round 2: Introduced 78g variants, began using different shades of purple for different weights (lighter to darker as they get heavier), introduced 65g switches with milky-white bottoms (plate mount only) that are more heat resistant
  • Round 3: No additions, but Linear Zealios no longer offered from this round on
  • Round 4: 78g changed to make the force curve more uniform, stem mould tweaked to reduce wobble significantly
  • Round 7: Tealio linears introduced in 67g, no changes to Zealio switches
  • Round 8: 67g Zealio spring tweaked for "crisper" bump with more cushion at bottom-out, 78g Zealio spring tweaked to be more similar to 67g variant, with snappier bump compared to previous 78g Zealios

At some point during or prior to Round 8, 65g milky-bottom Zealios began being offered in PCB mount as well as plate mount.

Version 2

  • On Sep 21, 2018, Version 2 were introduced for preorder. The tactile switches' stems had been modified with a bigger tactile bump than previous Zealios and Zilents. Healios (linear dampened) was introduced. Tealios also started to get the same housing as other V2 switches. All with transparent housings for PCB-mount.[2]


Switches have become available in batches for pre-order. The first group-order run was started in August 2015[3]. It is now (as of Dec 2017) on its eighth run. There have been eight rounds of Zealios, with the switches currently being in Round 8.


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