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Names Command, Windows, Meta, Super
Mac symbol
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The command key is the key on Macintosh computers used for invoking keyboard shortcuts. Unlike Windows, where there are two (control and alt), all shortcuts on the Macintosh use command. The option key is held down in conjunction for alternate behaviours of commands, and overloading uses the shift key.

When a keyboard designed for Microsoft Windows is connected to a Macintosh, the Windows key functions as the command key; this follows Apple's historical mapping of the PC alt key to the option key, with the result that the command key and option key positions are reversed with respect to a normal Macintosh keyboard. Likewise, when a Macintosh keyboard is connected to a Windows PC, the command key becomes the Windows key.


The symbol on the command key is a Saint Hannes cross, used as a road sign for Place of Interest/attraction in Nordic countries. It was chosen as a replacement for the Apple symbol by icon designer Susan Kare from a dictionary of symbols after Steve jobs had had an outburst about the proliferation of the Apple symbol in Lisa's menus.[1]

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