Commodore 64

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Commodore 64
Branding Commodore
Manufacturer Mitsumi (keyboard)
Keyswitches Mitsumi KSR Type
Possible Mitsumi clone
Keycaps Spherical double-shot
Interface Integrated
A typical Commodore 64C.

The Commodore 64 typically used a linear Mitsumi KSR Type keyboard, with a PCB. Into the PCB is fitted a discrete latching action switch for shift lock; this switch is exceptionally smooth for a latching switch. The sliders use a cruciform mount instead of the more common square Mitsumi mount.

The keycaps are spherical double-shot; the front legends are likely to be pad printed.

The keyboard PCB model across all variants (C64, C64C and C64G) is KSR-A66YF.

Commodore 64C

The 64C revision has been seen with what appears to be a Mitsumi standard mechanical latching switch for shift lock.[1] This offers a suggestion as to the age of this switch.

Unidentified keyboard

Some Commodore 64 computers use an unidentified keyboard with Mitsumi-style sliders, but with an SMK J-M0404 series switch for Shift Lock.[2] Typically, keyboards sourced from other manufacturers use whatever switches they have in their product range, but here, it looks like an attempt was made to clone the Mitsumi KSR switch mechanism. The PCB is marked "ACTION", which may indicate the manufacturer. The Mitsumi manufacture date label is also absent.


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