Commodore 8032-SK

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Commodore 8032-SK keyboard
Commodore 8032-SK.jpg
Branding Commodore
Manufacturer Mitsumi (keyboard)
Keyswitches Mitsumi hybrid switch; Futaba linear lock
Keycaps Spherical double-shot
Interface Proprietary

Commodore 8032-SK is a computer in the PET series from Commodore, using a case designed by Porsche Design, and separate keyboard (hence "SK").


The keyboard unit was provided by Mitsumi. The switch type can be considered a variety of the Mitsumi hybrid switch. The alternate action shift lock keyswitch is a Futaba linear lock, mounted sideways. The Commodore 64 did use a Mitsumi switch for shift lock, but it was not a keyboard switch; it was not until the Commodore 64C that the shift lock key used a proper keyboard switch that could be soldered to a PCB, after Mitsumi standard mechanical had been introduced to market.

The keycaps are double-shot moulded, and use Microgramma/Eurostile for the legends. The keycaps are hollow inside — they are designed to snap onto adapters that provide the desired keycap mount. One adapter type is used with the Mitsumi switches, and another adapter type is used for the single Futaba switch.


The following example is dated to circa 1982, based on the markings of the ICs.