Commodore Amiga 1000

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Commodore Amiga 1000 keyboard
Amiga 1000 Mitsumi keyboard top.jpg
Branding Amiga
Manufacturer Mitsumi
Layouts Amiga specific
Keyswitches Mitsumi standard mechanical
Keycaps Cylindrical dye-sub
Interface Proprietary


The only confirmed keyboard supplied with the Amiga 1000 was made by Mitsumi, using Mitsumi mount, tactile Mitsumi standard mechanical Type 2 switches. The caps lock switch bears an integrated LED, and the return key uses what appears to be a dummy switch of the same design as the switches found in the Monterey K7S keyboard.[1] The keycap legends are dye sublimated.

Cherry G80-0777 bears Amiga keys, but has no other Commodore or Amiga branding, and there is no evidence to suggest that it was ever supplied with an Amiga. If it was, then it appears to be very obscure.

The connector is 4P4C, specific to the Amiga 1000. The pins are 1: +5V, 2: Clock, 3: Data, 4: Ground.[2]


The following variants are listed in the specifications:

Commodore part Mitsumi part Language
327063-01 R56 2144 English (US)
327063-02 English (UK)
327063-03 R56 2153 German
327063-04 R56 2152 French
327063-05 R56 2154 Italian


The example below is US English, and is dated 1987-03-26. The part number is 56-7155B, which does not match any of those found on the 1986 specification. The PCB is also marked KCT-A89YC, which is the same format as the model numbers of Mitsumi keyboards.