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Amiga 1200 keyboard
Amiga 1200 Front.jpg
Branding Commodore Amiga
Manufacturer Mitsumi
Keyswitches Mitsumi KPR Type (Linear Mitsumi hybrid switch)
Price €32.14 (replacement)

The Commodore Amiga 1200 computer has the keyboard integrated within its enclosure.

Like the Amiga 600 but unlike other Amigas, the controller is not part of the keyboard assembly. Instead a part of the keyboard membrane extends as a cable to a connector on the computer's main logic board which houses both controller and host interface.

Indicator LEDs for Power and HD and FDD activity are in the top/right corner of the keyboard area but on a separate circuit board that is not part of the keyboard assembly.

Like other Amiga keyboards made by Mitsumi, keycaps are made of ABS and vintage examples can be very yellow, more so than the computer's enclosure. All legends are printed. The Caps Lock key is double-shot with clear plastic only for its LED window.


Original keyboards came installed inside the computer.

New-old-stock replacement keyboards have been available from e.g. AmigaKit.

Aftermarket computer cases and keycaps have been offered by A1200.NET in crowdfunding campaigns. Cases have been improved to better suit aftermarket mods. Both cases and keycaps have been offered in several colour options, including black with white letters.


There have been several desktop and tower conversion kits of the Amiga 1200.

An external keyboard could be used with the Ateo adapter which clipped directly onto the keyboard microcontroller.

Checkmate in the UK has a crowdfunded Amiga 3000-like desktop computer case on Kickstarter. As part of the run, a sheet metal keyboard case for Amiga 500 and 1200 is also on offer. After the run, it will be available separately in white and black.

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