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Commodore Amiga 500 and Amiga 500+ computers had the keyboard integrated in the computer's enclosure. The controller is part of the keyboard and talks the same serial protocol as stand-alone keyboards for e.g. the Commodore Amiga 2000.

Uniquely among the Amiga keyboards, the controlled board also has the computer's Power and FDD activity LEDs.

Amiga 500 keyboard
Branding Commodore Amiga
Manufacturer Hi-Tek, Mitsumi
Keyswitches Hi-Tek Series 725
Mitsumi hybrid switch
Price n/a (included with system)

Hi-Tek Series 725 version

This version is recognisable by the left Amiga key having a "Commodore" logo instead of the common "Amiga" legend. There is also a rivet visible in-between the Del and Help keys. Keycaps are made of PBT and don't yellow.

Mitsumi KPR Type

Most Amiga 500s and presumably all Amiga 500+ have keyboards with linear Mitsumi "hybrid switches".

Keycaps are made of ABS and vintage examples can be very yellow, more so than the computer's enclosure. Keycaps with LED windows are double-shot with clear plastic, but all legends are printed.


Commodore Amiga 500 computers came with an integrated keyboard installed.

An aftermarket computer case/keycap combination is being offered by A1200.NET in a crowdfunding campaign that ends mid-May 2018. Cases have improved features and are are offered also in other colours than the original.


Several kits have been available through the years for modding the Amiga 500 into a desktop or tower case, with the keyboard in a separate enclosure.

Checkmate in the UK has a crowdfunded Amiga 3000-like desktop computer case on Kickstarter. As part of the run, a sheet metal keyboard case for Amiga 500 and 1200 is also on offer. After the run, it will be available separately in white and black.

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