Commodore CDTV

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Commodore CDTV
Commodore CDTV - keyboard top.JPG
Model no. Mitsumi KKQ-E94YC
Branding Commmodore CDTV
Manufacturer Mitsumi
Layouts Commodore Amiga
Keyswitches Mitsumi hybrid switch
Interface Commodore CDTV specific

This is the Commodore CDTV branded Mitsumi KKQ-E94YC keyboard consisting of Mitsumi hybrid switch key switches. The Commodore part number is 364351-01. While this looks very much like the Amiga 4000 keyboard, this keyboard is specific for the Commodore CDTV and is not interchangeable with other Amiga computer keyboards.


Pictures of the Commodore CDTV branded Mitsumi KKQ-E94YC keyboard.