Mitsumi KPQ-E99YC

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Mitsumi KPQ-E99YC
Commodore KPQ-E99YC total.jpg
Model no. KPQ-E99YC
Branding Commodore, Unisys, and others
Manufacturer Mitsumi
Layouts 101 keys US-ANSI
Keyswitches Mitsumi hybrid switch
Interface AT, PS/2 for Unisys boards.

The KPQ-E99YC is a standard PC keyboard manufactured by Mitsumi, and used by brands including Commodore and Unisys. It makes use of Mitsumi hybrid switches incorporated into a curved switch plate and a curved backplate. Therefore, all keycaps have the same height profile.

KPQ-E99YC was sold with no top branding, and Mitsumi's name on the rear label.[1] It was also provided as an OEM keyboard to systems manufacturers.

OEM versions

Commodore KPQ-E99YC

Assigned Commodore part number 312702-02, this version has Commodore's "inverted" colour scheme, i.e. the alphanumerical keys have a darker shade of grey than the modifier keys as it is often seen on Commodore keyboards.

Unisys PCK-101-KBD

Unisys PCK-101-KBD was sourced from multiple manufacturers, including Mitsumi. The keycaps on Unisys boards use lighter alphanumerics and a three shade beige colour scheme.

The blue domes are ~40 g, and yellow space bar domes ~50 g.

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