Commodore Plus/4

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Commodore Plus/4
Branding Commodore
Manufacturer Mitsumi (keyboard)
Keyswitches Mitsumi KKR Type
Unknown Mitsumi type
Keycaps Spherical double-shot
Interface Integrated

Commodore Plus/4 keyboards all appear to use PCB model KKR-A67YC. Normally this is a "proper" Mitsumi KKR Type keyboard (in the sense that it matches other KKQ/KKR models), but they have also been found with a vastly different keyboard assembly that shares the same PCB model, albeit with a different shape PCB and similar but not identical artwork and routing. The different PCB shape and artwork raises the question of why, if this keyboard is not KKR, the correct keyboard type was not used in the PCB model number, since it doesn't share the same physical PCB as the "proper" KKR Plus/4 keyboards.

The service manual from October 1994 simply gives the keyboard as "Keyboard, 67 Key, KKR-I, part C 251501-01".

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