Compaq Enhanced Keyboard

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Compaq Enhanced Keyboard
Compaq Enhanced Keyboard -- top.jpg
FCC ID CNT8AV106288 (1986)
Branding Compaq
Manufacturer Key Tronic?
Layouts US ANSI
Keyswitches Tactile Key Tronic foam and foil
Interface AT[1]

Compaq Enhanced Keyboard is a tactile Key Tronic foam and foil keyboard presumably manufactured by Key Tronic for Compaq. The FCC ID was presumably registered to Compaq back in 1986; grantee "CNT" is now listed as Hewlett-Packard.

Enhanced Keyboard International

This is an Ireland-made version of the Compaq Enhanced keyboard. The key surround is grey instead of black, and there is no FCC ID.[2] The two keyboards appear to be otherwise identical, although presumably there are also ISO versions of the Ireland-made version.