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Founded 1973 (Canada)
1983 (France)
Defunct 2001 (USA)
2003 (Canada)
2016 (France)
Headquarters , Canada

Comptec International was a plastic injection manufacturer headquartered in Canada. In the keyboard community, it is the US arm—Comptec Incorporated in Custer, Washington, USA—that is the best known; Comptec Inc was bought out by management in 2001 to become Signature Plastics.[1][2]

Comptec International in Canada closed down in July 2003.[3]

Comptec S.A. was founded in France in 1983. The company went bankrupt in 2015, and was liquidated in 2016.[4] As of September 2016, their website notes the following:[5]

Le groupe COMPTEC est réparti en 2 sites de production :

COMPTEC S.A. (Montauban - France)

Comptec in its day was a very successful keycap manufacturer, producing double-shot keycaps for a huge range of equipment around the world. One of the best-known customers was Wyse. Another major customer was Wong's.[6]


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