Contour Unimouse

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Contour Unimouse
FCC ID Wireless right-handed: 2AG6O-VAMWML
Branding Contour Design
Buttons 6 (left, wheel, middle, right, forward, back)
Handedness Left version, right version
DPI 2800
Interfaces Wireless:USB, Contour Design dongle
Wired: USB
Wireless? Wireless and wired versions
Sensor Optical sensor
Weight Wireless: >100g

The Unimouse and Unimouse WL are vertical mice from Contour Design. The key feature is that the sideways angle and thumb rest are adjustable.

It exists in four versions: wired left and right, and wireless left and right. The wireless versions (Unimouse WL) have a built-in rechargeable battery, and charge via USB. The wireless version also works over USB while charging so that mousing while charging wouldn't have to occupy two ports. The receiver identifies itself as both a mouse and keyboard.

The buttons are configurable, using an application for Windows and MacOS.