Copam K-457

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Copam K-457
Copam K-457 -- top.jpg
Branding Copam
Manufacturer Copam
Layouts Incorrect ISO
Keyswitches Cherry MX Pale Blue?
Interface AT
Dimensions 480 × 204 × 36 mm
Weight 1650 g

K-457 is a keyboard from Copam.

In the example below, the controller is dated to 1991, as is the PCB (both 91 in the Gregorian calendar and 80 in the Minguo calendar). The switches are uncertain — they have the same apparent spring characteristics as found in Cherry MX Pale Blue, as well as the same yellow discolouration of the slider ramps; however, the shade of blue seems to be perfectly in keeping for regular Cherry MX Blue, while Pale Blue is a different hue. describes the K-457 switches as being "藍" ("blue") and regular Cherry MX Blue as being "青" ("green"). The actuation force of the switches is 52–56 g according to, in line with Cherry MX Blue.


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