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Designer Kosuke Adachi (foostan)
License MIT
Features OLED module, Backlighting
Keyswitches Cherry MX / Kailh Choc
Interface USB Micro B (on the Pro Micro)
Interconnect TRRS
Rollover NKRO
Introduced 2018

Corne, also knob as Heliodox is a split, columnar ergonomic kit-keyboard. It is sometimes referred to by the abbreviation called crkbd. It is an open design and has been used as base for several other kit-keyboards.

It has three rows, six columns (unless one is broken off) and three thumb-keys per hand.

There are four main variations:

There is a Pro Micro in each half, connected via a TRRS cable that speaks I²C or a faster serial protocol. If I²C is used, it supports also a OLED module in each half.