Corsair Raptor LK1

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Corsair Raptor LK1
Corsair Raptor LK1 -- top.jpg
Part number CH-9000035-*
Branding Corsair
Layouts ANSI, ISO
Keyswitches Rubber dome over membrane
Interface USB
Rollover 2KRO
Dimensions 645 × 157 × 27 mm
Weight 549 g
Price ca. €15 (2014)
£38.98 (2017)

Raptor LK1 is a low-cost rubber dome over membrane keyboard from Corsair.


LK1 is classed by Corsair as a gaming keyboard, on account of its gaming-orientated matrix. Corsair describe it as having an "Anti-ghosting key matrix" and as being "built from the hardware up to handle multiple simultaneous keypresses quickly and accurately". When ComputerBase tested it in 2014, they found it to be a standard 2KRO keyboard, with only 3KRO offered in the WASD area.[1] Some of the wider keys on the keyboard are depicted as lacking their stabiliser wires. The flip-out feet also lack rubber coating for grip.

The cable is braided, and uses a gold-plated plug, both things that Corsair make no mention of. Replacement red WASD and cursor key keycaps are provided, along with a ring keycap puller. The rear label bears Corsair branding; the top of the keyboard simply carries the domain name "RAPTOR-GAMING.COM" above the indicator lights on the far right, although this is not always present.

The keyboard extends past the function keys seemingly unnecessarily; this unused space is where the multimedia keys are placed in the Optima DK-2189U version of this keyboard, and in the LK1 is used solely for branding where top branding is present. Guide shafts for these eight buttons are present in the top case, but not used.

The controller PCB is marked "DK-2189UB" and "EKK8011E". The former relates it to the Optima DK-2189U multimedia keyboard, also of unknown OEM. The latter denotes the use of an ELAN Microelectronics eKK8011E USB and PS/2 controller chip, and based on the datasheet for this chip, the LK1 would appear to support both PS/2 and USB operation. Corsair however make no mention of this, and no USB to PS/2 adapter is included. The keycap design, together with the discrete domes, would point to Silitek as the OEM, but the "DK" model prefix is unrecognised, and there is nothing on the keyboard to conclusively identify the OEM.

The controller PCB also contains an instruction about where to place capacitor C3: there is one position for models 2288 and 2289, and a second position for all other models (such as the LK1). Those model numbers only seem to be used in HP Pavilion notebook keyboards — no desktop keyboard is known to use them. The PCB itself is made by Premier Electronic Plastic Ltd, per its UL File Number of E317642.


German ISO layout

The controller PCB is dated 1243 (43rd week 2012) while the membranes appear to be dated 1305 (week 5 2013).

PCB 1243

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