Corsair Vengeance K90

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Corsair Vengeance K90
Branding Corsair
Manufacturer Corsair?
Features Macro keys, media keys
Layouts 104 US ANSI (122 total), QWERTY
Keyswitches Cherry MX Red
Interface USB
Rollover 20KRO
Years of production 2011–current
Price US$130


The Corsair Vengeance K90 is a mechanical keyboard that uses Cherry MX Red switches. Marketed mainly for MMO gamers, this keyboard has a variety of features, including 18 dedicated macro "G-keys" and a backlit keyset.


The K90 delivers 20-key rollover, while still maintaining a 1000 Hz polling rate over USB. While some technical specifications such as the keyboard matrix are currently unknown, Corsair has integrated a keyboard controller with 36 kB of memory allowing for the keyboard's macros to be used on any system without the installation of software. However, in order for the keyboard's macros and "G-keys" to be customized, the keyboard must be connected to a computer with the proper software installed.


Not all switches are mechanical: all function and macro keys as well as the nav cluster are rubber domes. Arrow keys are mechanical though.

This would not be too much of a problem if these switches had keycaps compatible with Cherry MX, such as Cherry MY. Instead, they have a totally different keycap mount, so keycaps can't be interchanged across the keyboard and replacement keys are not available at all.



The switches of the K90 are mounted upside-down, with the LED on top, unlike most keyboards where the LED is at the front of the switch.

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