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Type Corporation
Founded 1987
Headquarters Taipei, Taiwan
Employees Undisclosed
FCC grantee code GS2

Costar is an electronics company from Taiwan, specialising mostly in the production of OEM products for the foreign market.

Costar is alleged to not be a manufacturer; rather, they have been described as a middle-man between their customers and their manufacturers.[1]

Company history

Founded in 1987, Costar Electronics has concentrated mostly on ODM Business, including various products such as keyboards and keypads with higher quality standards than competing Taiwan based manufacturers at that time. In May of 1998, Costar became a leader for "M-Commerce" and further built up their company profile after the release of their smart card reader chip technology. Starting in November 2000, Costar was one of the pioneering companies in the market for Bluetooth products, working together with American companies such as Widcomm. Building up further on their Bluetooth products, Costar became an official VAR in Taiwan for Texas Instruments. In the following years, Costar has been the OEM and VAR for several more foreign companies, including VinO and OTI. Starting in 2005, Costar became the OEM for the newly introduced Majestouch keyboard series by the Japanese hardware giant Diatec.

Confirmed Costar products