Costar CSK-7102N

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Costar CSK-7102N
Costar CSK-7102N front.jpeg
Branding Keyboard or Costar
Manufacturer Costar
Keyswitches Alps SKCM and Alps clones
Interface 5-pin DIN, PS/2
Introduced 1991

The Costar CSK-7101N/CSK-7102N is an out-of-production compact size keyboard similar in layout and size to Unitek K-258, CM Storm QuickFire TK, Plum MX 96, and others. The CSK-7101N and CSK-7102N share the same FCC ID, the first featuring English and the second Spanish layout.

Note that not all CSK-710x keyboard models feature the same compact layout -- for example, a very similarly named Costar keyboard model CSK-7102B is a standard (full) size keyboard and has a different FCC ID.

While the CSK-7101N/7102N is not in production any longer, some very similar (and newer) Costar keyboards are worth mentioning as potential replacements: Costar IBK-2102N and Costar WKK-2105 (both with Cherry MX).


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